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Jan. 8th, 2012 05:29 pm
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[ voice / filtered from Aoto ]

I have an urgent question that must be answered.

How does one go about melting chocolate without burning it? Furthermore, how do you sweeten it properly? This is an emergency. If this matter is not resolved, you will have ruined my special day with my darling. It will weigh on your consciousness for the rest of your lives. Furthermore, I will find whoever does know and chose not to help, and sign them up for annoying subscriptions and chain mail letters.

I hope you've all realized how serious this is now. So then, please answer as soon as possible.

[ action ]

[Those in community building #5 may smell the scent of burning chocolate coming from the first floor's kitchen. If they investigate, they'll find Tyria in the middle of cleaning out the sad remains of her latest chocolate making attempt, with piles of baker's chocolate and different kinds of sugar stacked along the counter-tops.

With everyone in such a lovey-dovey mood, she's not expecting very much help. Maybe someone will decide to lend a hand anyway? ... Or tell her off for ruining their special moments with the scent of burnt chocolate. That works too

[[OOC: Tyria is not evented, even if she's technically "with" someone, so consider this post totally open to all!]]
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[Residents of community building #5's first floor may have noticed that someone had recently moved into apartment #2 ... and hasn't left their apartment for at least three days. It's been almost eerily quiet in there, too, aside from the occasional sounds of general movement.

What kind of weirdo is living there? Why are they so quiet, and why haven't they left at all? Well ...


--Ah! It really does appear beside you if you've lost it somewhere. How convenient.

[... That's right. She was waiting for her journal, which she had forgotten in the forest, to reappear for her so she wouldn't have to go out and find it. A bit of a gamble, seeing as her old memories of Luceti are a bit foggy, but hey! It panned out!

It's too bad that's all she had to say. Well, except for one last thing--

... I want some fried bread. The bakery had better not be closed for some strange holiday. That's unfair to tourists.


[Tyria can be seen and intercepted anywhere from her apartment all the way over to the bakery. ... Though, she'd be easiest to find at the bakery itself. She'll be spending a fair amount of time there, after all.]
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